Safety Blog – Do More Policies and Procedures Reduce Numbers?

Often times clients we meet with present us with similar frustrations on how to better reduce incident and injury costs for their company.  Obviously, you would expect this to be a top focus to any company investing in health and safety.  The interesting part is many companies often feel the amount of time, money and energy they invest in implementing programs, employee training and updating processes provide disappointing returns on overall medical and insurance related cost.  It is amazing to how many top managers have been convinced and simply accepted the ideology over time that safety is and always will be a necessary cost burden to the company.  This is one of the worst situations top management can be placed in.  If the value of investing in safety is not seen or recognized from owners and managers, how is it to ever transform into front line employee involvement?

We often stress to clients the importance of having programs and policies that are in place to do more than simply meet compliance standards but are developed to provide returns and meet the demands of their facilities.  That statement seems much easier said than done, but is it?  A common practice we witness is how companies simply add and implement more and more in desperation to reduce incidents and injuries. Often times this practice does not transpire into higher involvement and reduced incidents, in turn we often see where it does the exact opposite.  Every company is unique in their demands for a successful health and safety program that provides good return on investment and employee engagement.  It is our goal to bring the experiences and exposures we have seen throughout multiple organizations and tailor programs and policies that prove effective to your organization.  We have to do more is not always the best strategy but more so, we need to focus differently often times is.