About Us

Diversified Technical Service, Inc. (DTS) is devoted to customer satisfaction with the sole intent of providing quality services to our clients that reduce the risks of operations and increase production. With our knowledge and ability to understand your needs and challenges, we are able to provide the services that offer your company the opportunity to reduce operating cost while controlling the risks and liabilities all companies face. All too often companies are operating in a reactively to safety and risk mitigation. DTS provides a proactive control approach to safety and management needs. At DTS, we ensure regulatory compliance, utilize industry best practices and methods to improve processes and culture creating a strong and lasting success model.

Dan Harpenau

With his electrical back ground and nearly four decades of supervision and project management exposure on both brown field and green field projects, Dan leads DTS with a simple philosophy, a successful project starts with building the right management team aligning goals and expectations around safety, quality and efficiency. He has been leading teams rebuilding or installing new equipment or processes in both new and existing spaces with...

Vicky Harpenau

Vicky brings over three decades of experience in executive business leadership.  During her successful career in the Healthcare industry she led teams in a 24/7/365 work environment.  Her competencies of management focused on developing and implementing regulatory compliance and liability defense strategies to protect client assets which include:

Sales and Marketing Strategies Quality Leadership and Coaching Workers’ compensations return...
Renea Straub
Renea Straub

Dedicating over 25 years to safety and health excellence, Renea has built a reputation of raising the safety standard. Her programs and compliance implementation have proven to reduce exposure and injuries while positively impacting the overall bottom line.

With a clear passion for safety and excellence, Renea is driven to improve process and environment with continuous observation and assessment. Managing multiple high risk million...

Derek Whittinghill
Derek Whittinghill

With a strong desire to learn and interact with people and processes, Derek has dedicated his career to understanding human interaction and how it affects a process and outcome. Derek’s extensive travel working in a multitude of industries brings his clients a large array of solutions from his vast exposures to provide value-added risk mitigation.  

When tasked with leading the front to overhaul a large mechanical contractors...

Deitera "Dee" Meyer

Dee brings 33 years of experience in a variety of manufacturing roles in the Aluminum Smelting and Rolling Industry.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and 24 years of experience working in Environmental Health & Safety across two large manufacturing facilities including some global responsibilities.

Dee’s Proficiencies include:

Developing & Updating...