Recently I saw a commercial on TV that talked about becoming nose blind to bad smells, which is where a person exposed to a smell doesn’t notice it after prolonged exposure. While there are many things that can be discussed on this topic, I instantly thought about, when I am at a site and notice slip, trip, and fall hazards that others do not. I believe as we spend more time at our own places of work, we can become hazard blind. The question needing to be answered is, how do we keep ourselves from becoming hazard blind, and in this case, specifically to slips, trips, and falls? Random auditing is one solution, develop an audit form that drives your auditor to search for hazards. Third party auditing is another successful method which allows an unbiased view of your job site. I have also found that when speaking to people that work in areas where hazards like slips, trips, and falls are present many of them know they exist and accommodate for them in one way or another. Some benefit may be found in having an employee walk with your safety person on an audit in order to identify slips, trips, falls, and other hazards that may go unnoticed. Diversified Technical Services is more than ready to help with any auditing concerns. From audit development, design, and third-party auditing, we are prepared to offer a non-bias perspective of hazards in your work areas.